Terms & Conditions 2018

Dates 2018

  • 01.-04.08.2018: Master Class Piano I
  • 04.-06.08.2018: Chamber Music  Class for Ensembles
  • 04.-07.08.2018: Master Class Double Bass
  • 08.-11.08.2018: Master Class for Violin (I), Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Oboe
  • 08.-09.08.2018: Class Rohrbau for Oboists
  • 12.-15.08.2018: Master Class for Violin (II), Viola
  • 16.-19.08.2018: Master Class for Violin (III), Cello (III), Pre-Academic Violin, Singing
  • 20.-23.08.2018: Master Class for Violin (IV)
  • 20.-22.08.2018: Master Class for Cello (IV)


The Master Classes are targetted at interested and talented young people and students of music, who want to experience a defining development of their musical skills in the four days of these Master Classes. Master Classes are offered for:

  • Violin (Professors: Rudens Turku, Fagu Turku)
  • Viola (Professor: Susanne Sigg)
  • Cello (Professors: Mathias Johansen, Wen-Sinn Yang)
  • Double bass (Professor: Philipp Stubenrauch)
  • Piano (Professors: Milana Chernyavska, Benjamin Engeli)
  • Clarinet (Professor: Johannes Gmeinder)
  • Horn (Professor: Sibylle Mahni)
  • Bassoon (Professor: Malte Refardt)
  • Oboe (Professor: Kai Frömbgen)
  • Rohrbau (Professor: Jianpeng Wang; please inscribe while applying for the Master Class „Oboe“)
  • Flute (Professor: Philipp Jundt)
  • Singing (Professor: Kathrin von Sauter)
  • Chamber Music for Ensembles (Professor: Rudens Turku)


Please ensure that all documents are received in due time. This includes the following::

  • Completed application form
  • CV
  • a photo for the festival pass
  • payment of the registration fee
  • links to videos or recordings


Registration deadline: July 1st, 2018
Decision on your participation will be taken until: July 15th, 2018
Payment (active / passive participation) must be received by: August 1st, 2018

Costs / Scholarships

Registration fee: € 120,00 (no refund possible)
All Master Classes (active): € 300,00
All Master Classes (passive): € 100,00
Class „Rohrbau“ for registered oboists: free

Registration and course fees have to be transferred to the account of the “Musical Days” (see below) in due time. It is possible to apply for a scholarship. Please explain in an attachment to your application the reason why you apply for a scholarship. The number of scholarships is limited..


Each participant has to prepare two different pieces or two movements of one piece according to their level of training.


Individual training: Each participant will receive one individual training unit per day given by his/her professor. The duration of this unit will be decided upon by the professor.

The schedules for your lessons are prepared by the Festival Office. These schedules are to be observed and can only be changed in exceptional cases and in consultation with the Festival Office.


Participants are kindly asked to contact Seefeld Tourist Office, Klosterstraße 43, A-6100 Seefeld, Tel. +43-50880-50, www.seefeld.com.

Final concerts at the end of the courses

Each course will be terminated with an “final concert”. These concerts offer an opportunity for the participants to demonstrate their acquired knowledge to the public. The participants to perform in these concerts as well as the pieces to be performed are selected by their professors.


Musiktage der Olympiaregion Seefeld
Sebastian Sauter
E-Mail: info@musiktage-seefeld.at

Bank details for payment of the course fees

Account owner: Faviola München
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Seefeld-Leutasch-Reith-Scharnitz
IBAN: AT24 3631 4000 0021 4858

Grant of Rights

The Agency Faviola (Organiser of Seefeld Days of Music) will take photos, audio and video recordings during the entire time of the Master Classes (August 10th – 14th, 2015 and August 19th – 23rd, 2015). The students transfer all rights of use to the Agency Faviola, especially the right to use photographs and recordings for future promotional materials (flyers, postcards, website, posters, etc.). Students are advised to consider travel insurance and traveler health insurance for the duration of their stay.

Adress: Faviola
Walhallastr. 19,
80639 München
E-Mail: info@faviola.de
E-Mail for applications (Vesna Mlakar): bewerbung@faviola.de

Website: www.musiktage-seefeld.at